my haunted cat mummy

So this isn’t a place, but I felt like it was worth sharing and on topic just the same. I bought this angry little kitty back in September 2017 from the antique store just down the road from my apartment in Oak Harbor, WA. After making a full pass around the store I decided to just go ahead and ask the owner if they had anything haunted laying around. Just a normal weekend shopping trip for me haha.

Fully expecting an “umm no we don’t really carry that sort of thing”, or to be laughed at, I was pleasantly surprised when he told me I was in luck, they had just got in the most interesting bronzed mummified cat that seemed to be roaming around the store in the dead of night, setting off the security alarms and making glowing red eyes at their camera. <Insert jaw drop here> I really didn’t intend to buy it, but I knew the second I picked it up that it was coming home with me.

I spent a great deal of time trying to research cat mummification through out history trying to pinpoint when this little bugger might have roamed the earth, unsure if it was really from ancient Egypt or a time when people were just super obsessed with ancient Egypt. The tag on it says it was originally purchased from a Baltimore antique shop in 1935.

What I found most interesting about this, was in most of the photos of bronzed cat mummies, even from ancient Egypt, the cats looked peaceful, or at least expressionless. This cat looks incredibly angry and distraught. everything about his body is tense and volatile.

I never experienced any hauntings (that I was aware of) while I owned this cat. We even tried video taping it overnight the first week I had it just to be safe. If anyone has any historical information on it, or have their own haunted collectibles, I would LOVE to know more. Happy Wandering!