graceland cemetery-chicago

If you consider yourself a Chicago history buff, or just love exploring old cemeteries, then this is a must see on your wanderlist. This was one of my first solo trips and also the first time I took my camera out with me to get something higher quality to post on social media than my usual phone shots/Instagram edits.

From legend of little Inez Clarke, whose statue is said to fearfully “escape” from it’s glass case on stormy nights, to the terrifying stare of the “Eternal Silence” monument.(who I could barely look in the face long enough to get a picture, it was THAT scary in person)- you are sure to walk away from this place with at LEAST few chills. I have to say, the eeriest part of the day for me, was when I FINALLY found the grave of Inez Clarke, whose ghost, in addition to the disappearing statue is said to sometimes wander the area around her family’s plot. They are buried under the shade of this huge sprawling tree with little wind chimes hung on the lowest branches. And yes they started chiming creepily. Of course, it was only the wind but I truly felt like I could have been in the scene of a horror movie as I sat there in the grass wondering what exactly I was going to do if I DID happen to see a ghost by myself that day.. Unfortunately(or perhaps it is a good thing), little Inez did not come out to play with me.

I am a total sucker for these rural cemeteries, and Graceland is truly one of the best. Known as the “Architect’s Cemetery”, these tombs are impressive, creepy, mystifying and beautiful. I find the attitude towards and obsession with making death almost glamorous(at least by those who were rich enough and could afford these incredibly designed mausoleums) in the mid-19th century so fascinating and worthwhile to explore. Happy Wandering!