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Although it’s been almost a full 2 years, our trip to “Devil’s Tower” in Concrete, WA, stays at the very top of my favorite urban explorations list to date. Looking out over the east bank of Lake Shannon, a reservoir created by the Baker Dam in the 1920’s, sits the hollowed out remains of the Washington Portland Cement Company.

To reach the tower you’ll need to pass through the small valley town of Concrete, aptly named for the industry that gave it life up until the 1960’s when the factory shut down. I would be lying if I said that town doesn’t give me the creepiest vibes anytime I’ve driven through it. Aside from the looming concrete towers and abandoned school building that greet you on your drive in, there’s just a eerie, heavy feel about the whole place that doesn’t lift until you’ve made it out of city limits. That feeling lingered even as we made our way up past the dam and onto the gravel road, ending at the gate where you must leave your car and continue the journey on foot.

The buildings are breathtaking in spite of their losing battle with Mother Nature. It truly is a photographer’s paradise. At the time we started our adventures, I wasn’t using my camera like I do now, so shots captured were taken with my phone.

We carefully made our way through the main building, taking in what remained of what I can only imagine would have been such a loud, booming factory setting. The silence is haunting. Although we had no paranormal experiences personally on the day of our visit, I have no doubt that supernatural activities take place there. Several steep stair cases and rusted out ladders will lead you to some of the most stunning views outside on the upper levels of the building. Explore with caution and care, and know your limits.

Graffiti aficionados will not leave disappointed either. The place has been covered top to bottom with an impressive variety of artwork.

In addition to the main building there are a few other structures left standing on the property. I’m not really familiar with how a cement factory would have worked, but I assume the other buildings were there to store or continue sifting through the gravel/cement product. Many of the chutes, stairs, ladders and tunnels were in too much disrepair to try scaling, but we did what we could on foot. This place is a gem for anyone who truly appreciates the history and process of urban exploration. There is quite a bit of information floating around the web on the history of the company and the dam in the area for anyone wishing to dig a little deeper themselves and plan their own trip.

Happy Wandering!


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One thought on “devil’s tower-washington state”

  1. I live in Concrete. Your right the whole town is affected by something that seems to just loom in the air. I have lived here for 10 years and never had more strange experiences then I have living here. I joined randoautica and when I thought about my word (it was portal) the coordinates that came up were to my own address…. Only in Concrete. Devils Tower is a place that’s like slot of the people around here, misunderstood and full of a little mystery but it is completely haunted. I have several EVPs, pictures and things that will just scare and amaze you. But if you ever decide to come back to Concrete and I hope you do. Bring a recorder and make sure you stay until it’s dark. Hopefully you’ll get a day where there’s not that many people that come to the Tower. And you can get some of the most amazing EVPs. I enjoyed your writing you are very talented thank you for the article it’s fun to read about a place that I have been dozen of times. Chelsea
    Email me if you want some pics of unexplainable things. I have pics/ lots of videos of something that haunts my house and maybe you know more about it than I do because of your travels.


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